Coffee & Blood Pressure: Is Coffee good?


Coffee has become grounds for serious debate, despite being a part of our diet for a long time, to decipher whether it is good for the body? There is more for us to understand about coffee than what we can see, superficially. As the notion goes, it has been stated that caffeine spikes up the blood pressure even when a person doesn't have the problem of high blood pressure. Thus, doctors advice against consuming coffee before getting your blood pressures tested.

However, some studies suggest that coffee consumption, as well as the spike in blood pressure, are closely linked but a 1987 Italian investigation acquaints us to just the opposite outlook. To verify these divergent views that were flooding in, the scientists from the US and Switzerland decide to conduct a study to figure out the relation between the two.

The scientists decided to pick volunteers who were regular coffee drinkers and the ones who were not. They monitored each volunteer’s blood pressure, sympathetic nervous system and heart rate under four conditions:

  • Before and after drinking a triple espresso.
  • Before and after drinking a decaffeinated triple espresso.
  • Before and after they received a 250 mg caffeine by an intravenous injection.
  • Before and after an intravenous placebo.

After drinking the triple espresso, it was expressed that although the blood caffeine level did increase, there wasn't an increase in the blood pressure of all the subjects. It also happens to be that the regular coffee drinkers' blood pressure was not affected at all. Being associated with the notion, it was expected that the shot of caffeine should have an even more potent effect on the volunteers.

Nonetheless, the shot of caffeine had an even smaller effect on the blood pressure as compared to the espresso. The regular coffee drinkers, as well as the nondrinkers, observed a similar rise in blood pressure when exposed to the intravenous caffeine.

The decaffeinated espresso aided in better understanding the fact. It did not lead to an increase the blood caffeine levels but it surely did shoot up the blood pressure. Thus, explaining that a cup of coffee has various ingredients in it that lead to an increase in the blood pressure of the person.

Speaking of blood pressure, it remains an important indicator of heart stroke and attack. Thus, it is of importance to figure out whether the link between coffee consumption and heart attacks. A study conducted by Harvard scientists, over a timespan of two years, it was found that there is no link between coffee drinkers and coronary artery disease or stroke, even in the ones who are dependent on coffee excessively. On the other hand, it can be observed regular coffee is less associated with heart attacks in comparison with decaf.

It is noteworthy that coffee drinkers easily become dependent on coffee and it becomes a tolling task for them to withdraw from using it, triggering headaches as well as depression. For some, it may heal constipation but for others, it may result in heartburn.

At the end of the day, if it suits you then it is good but if it doesn’t – then you must best get rid of it.

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