Hidden Symptoms of Diabetes


According to a WHO factsheet, the number of people with diabetes, in the year 2014, all around the world is 422 million. One third to one quarter do not know about it. The symptoms which are going to help you recognize diabetes are plenty but they are so subtle that you may miss them. To list a few symptoms that may go unnoticed:

1. Increase in the number of bathroom breaks: The bodies of the people with diabetes become a lot less efficient at breaking food down into sugar. Thus, the sugar in your bloodstream increases. The only way that your body can get rid of this sugar is by urination which leads to an increase in the number of bathroom breaks. If the bathroom breaks mess with the person's sleep cycle and keep them up all night long then it's better to assume it to be a clarion call.

2. Unquenchable thirst: The number of bathroom breaks that a person takes is going to lead to an increase in the person’s thirst. They tend to ignore this fact and consume beverages like soda, juices and the ones filled with sugar. This increases the sugar deposition in your bloodstream exacerbating the problem further.

3. Ongoing fatigue: When a person is diabetic, the food that they are eating for energy is not being broken down appropriately. Their bodies are not able to convert the food into fuel which is going to provide energy to their body cells.

4. Extreme hunger: The lack of energy and increased fatigue, because of the body not being able to convert the food into energy, causes people with diabetes to feel the need of constantly eating to make themselves feel energetic for they become unsteady without the energy that is required to keep them goi

5. Weight loss: Despite the consequence of uncontrollable hunger, diabetic people tend to lose weight. Since the diabetics lose their sugar by means of urinating and cannot completely absorb all the calories in the blood – they begin to lose weight.

6. Blurry vision: This is a result of the patient's eye not being able to focus properly because glucose tends to build up in the eye. This is going cause a change in the shape of the eye, temporarily, bu

7. Slowly healing bruises/cuts: This is, particularly, something that people tend to ignore. Since the patient’s body is not being able to derive the right amount of energy to function, no process is going to be carried out efficiently anymore causing the bruises to heal slowly.

8. Increased infections: The sugar is being released through the urine – this creates the required environment for bacteria to grow. This leads to an increase in the number of infections a patient may have in the urinary tracts.

Thus, it is best for each person to pay attention to themselves and be wary of the disease. It is recommended to get a checkup, time and time again, even if people do not face any issue, for precaution is better than cure.

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